Earlier this year I was arrested for a DUI. I was scared to death, having never dealt with something like this before. I was embarrassed and worried what it would do to my career to have this conviction on my record. I came home the next morning from jail to boxes on my doorstep from big law firms basically telling me if I didn’t hire them immediately I had no hope of a decent outcome. I even set up a consultation with one for later that week because he was out of town, even though his ad made it clear we had 24 hours to do things or I was hopeless. I kept searching for another lawyer out of fear and found Rebecca. She set me up with a consultation immediately and just listened to my whole situation. She pointed out the good and bad of my case and clearly outlined what my chances were of getting the charges reduced or dropped. The one thing that stood out to me was her ethical approach. She heard all the facts and focused entirely on the truth. Once she took my case on she was on top it constantly, making sure every step was covered that could help me. Within 3.5 months, the charges were reduced to a traffic ticket and I have my driving privileges back. I am 100% confident this would not have been the outcome if it weren’t for her diligence. There is no one else I would trust my future legal needs with then Rebecca.

DUI 2018

The process of a divorce can be quiet overwhelming. I had the unfortunate life experience of a divorce. I sought an attorney that could provide legal counsel with integrity and knowledge and found Rebecca Hamilton. Her years of experience combined with her desire to ensure that I as her client was fully cared for and protected during this time, speaks to the impressive attorney she is. She provided spiritual and emotional encouragement and sound leadership even during the most difficult process of a divorce. I highly recommend Rebecca Hamilton.

Family Case 2018

Rebecca and Deborah were very helpful to me during this challenging time. They provided excellent advice and guidance, were extremely attentive and compassionate, carrying out my wishes exactly. I couldn’t have asked for better counsel during my divorce. It was a relief to have such trustworthy advocates on my side. I would recommend them to anyone.

Divorce Client 2017

When it came to any kind of expectations I had in regards to getting a lawyer, Rebecca far surpassed them all. She was compassionate, an avid listener, strategic problem solver, and above all cared about not only my case, but me as a person. It felt as though I was working out an issue with a friend rather than someone I had just met within the week. Rebecca was such a blessing and truly helped us solve the case in good time and with ease. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to not only higher a great lawyer, but also an outstanding individual. She is truly one of a kind.


When I got my very first DUI, I was both ashamed and fearful for my future. I had some lawyers contact me with pressure to put down more money than I could afford with threats of all these things that would happen if I didn’t secure them as my lawyer right away. I happened to come across an advertisement for Hamilton Law Services and I made the call. Although I had the support of my family, speaking with her was definitely the first time I felt hopeful. She was kind, attentive and let me feel that everything was going to be okay. Not only that, she worked with my income, spoke with me when I felt anxious or worried and was incredibly thorough and prompt. I could not have asked for a better person to assist me with this case. At one point, she even spoke on my behalf to the judge to help her see beyond what was written or documented and into the heart of the steps that I was taking. I cannot say enough about how wonderfully compassionate she was. Her guidance helped me advance much further than many going through the very same process. I was able to get everything done in a very timely manner and I am so very grateful that I had her on my side.


2017 DUI Testimonial


I hired Ms Hamilton to handle a serious violation last year. In our 1st meeting she took the time to understand the situation, asked clarifying questions, and was very open and honest with what lie ahead. During the process she was timely and explored a variety of options that best fit my personal situation and needs. Follow up sessions allowed us to explore further what would lead to the best outcome. I appreciated her directness and candor throughout the process. She was available when we needed and willing to explain next steps each time. Many thanks and I highly recommend her to anyone in need legal assistance.

From a Client

I highly recommend Hamilton Law Services, Rebeca Hamilton was very prompt to answer all my questions, and also she did a great job to achieve the goals that were set before her. If I ever need an attorney, she will be my first call. I have already recommended her to some of my friends, and will not hesitate to recommend her in the future.


Marvin Heiman

In May 2014, I was facing my 4th DUI (a Felony) and I felt as if my life was over. I had called several attorneys that made me feel like they didn’t really empathize with my situation and wanted to charge me a lot of money. I began to go into deep depression and thought all hope was gone. Then I found Becky Hamilton.

After talking with her on the phone for about 20 minutes I felt at ease and a ton of weight had been lifted off of me. She talked me through different ways we could approach my situation. Becky was able to get my charge reduced to reckless operation (a misdemeanor) with no jail time and minimal probation. All of this for 4 times less than other attorneys. I don’t know how I could ever thank her for all she has done for me and my family.

If you ever need an attorney that will treat you with respect and dignity, and handle your case quickly and confidently, call on Rebecca Hamilton.



I was referred to Rebecca and I must say, when she took up my case, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made to seek her counsel. Not only was she the pinnacle of professionalism, but her presence alone was enough to inspire hope. In the end, my ex was denied his requests through the constant efforts of Rebecca and the outcome of the proceedings were above and beyond what I was seeking. And it didn’t cost a fortune to see results.

Thanks to Rebecca, my daughter is able to live her life in a balanced, loving environment. I would recommend Becky to anyone in need of a truly dedicated attorney.

Family Law Client (LH)

As a client of Rebecca Hamilton, I have experienced nothing but superb legal counsel. Rebecca answered and returned my phone calls promptly. Her prices are very reasonable and beyond fai. Rebecca goes above and beyond any other counsel I have retained.

I have used Rebecca for several situations, including criminal defense and expungment. Without a doubt I completely trust her legal expertise. I recommend her services to anyone who is seeking legal representation.


Criminal Defense Client (N.B.)

Rebecca was my saviour when I got myself into trouble. She was honest and upfront with me about my case and was able to get my charges dropped and help me expunge my public arrest record at a time when I was struggling to look for a job because of that public record.

She is always easy to get in touch with on her personal phone or email. I’m forever grateful and would highly recommend her to ANYONE needing help. Now I can leave that trouble in the past! Thank you, Rebecca! I’m forever grateful to you!



I felt confident in Rebecca taking care of my case because of her sound judgement and clear knowledge of the ins and outs of a courtroom. She had my first charge completely cleared from my record.

She gave me peace of mind. Highly recommended. She made me feel completely taken care of from the moment we started talking.

Recent Client

When I received a dui last year, I was devastated as I had never been arrested for anything – ever! Rebecca took on the role of being not only my legal counselor, but a quasi-mental health counselor as well.

She did a great job for me during a low spot in my life and I now consider her a friend. She is passionate about helping others and she has been a blessing in my life.

DUI Client

Rebecca Hamilton successfully won a case for me where I was brutally beaten by a six foot tall 250 pound retired sheriff detective. Mrs. Hamilton has integrity, as she told me that she would not have taken my case if she did not believe in me.

With out Mrs. Hamilton I would be serving a two year jail sentence. She had to face not one, but two very eager to convict prosecutors. Thank you Mrs. Hamilton for your incredible defense of me. You may give my name and phone number to anyone in need of your services.

Seminole, FL Client

If you are reading this, you must be in need of a lawyer and in my opinion, you just found the best one in Tampa Bay.

When meeting with Rebecca I felt comfortable and was able to relax while exchanging information with her. It was almost like sitting down with an old friend yet her continued education, training and experience definitely shined through.

Through Rebecca’s attention to detail, hard work and a little miracle my third DUI was reduced to a reckless driving! Now I can go on with my future plans of becoming a RN. I owe my freedom and future to this Attorney and if you are smart….you would allow her to work her magic for you as well.

Larry H.

Rebecca Hamilton, my attorney helped me and my family out of a bad situation. She devoted her time and understanding to my case. Her long hours spent on my defense even before it hit the court room shined through by winning my case.

I live out of state and could not just go by the office so our communication was by phone. When I had a concern she always had an answer for me. I coult say my goodbye with a relief of mind.

My family and I are very thnkful for her helping us through this tough time in our lives. She started out as just my attorney but ended up as a very respected friend. She made a difference for me.

Family Law Client

I would like to express my thanks to Rebecca Hamilton regarding my court case that went before the judge for the final time in October, 2011.

I would highly recommend Becky Hamilton to anyone that is facing serious felony charges. I will be forever grateful to her and her tenacious attitude in trying to get the best possible sentence for me so I could continue to be free and able to be a productive member of society.

St. Petersburg Client
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