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Personal Injury

Patient Lying On Bed In HospitalAuto accidents and other personal injury matters strike unexpectedly, suddenly forcing a number of issues upon the injured victim. Communicating with insurance companies, automobile repairs, loss of income, and medical treatment are difficult to deal with while one recovers from injuries.

Since most people have infrequent accidents, they often are unsure how to proceed and the process can be very frustrating. Important decisions must be made quickly and some can be life changing choices. Fortunately, there are attorneys like Rebecca Hamilton, principal founding attorney of Hamilton Law. As a successful personal injury attorney, Rebecca uses her knowledge of negligence and liability law, insurance company tactics, injury treatment documentation, and damage evaluation to ensure that her clients receive just compensation for their injuries, lost wages, and any other damages caused by another’s negligence.

Rebecca Hamilton is dedicated to ensuring that her injured clients are rightfully compensated for injuries they have sustained due the negligence of others. She has a reputation as an honest, knowledgeable, hardworking attorney who relentlessly pursues just compensation for automobile accident and other personal injury victims. Florida personal injury claims can result in compensation to the victim for pain and suffering, past and future lost wages, and property damage.

If you are involved in an automobile accident or are injured due to another’s negligence, please schedule a free consultation with Rebecca as soon as possible. If you are unable to travel to her offices, which are conveniently located in St. Petersburg and Tampa, she will work with you to arrange a consultation that fits your personal needs. Each situation is unique, but Rebecca’s goals are the same for all her clients. Her guidance and expertise help ensure that her clients recover from their injuries, resume normal life, and are compensated for their damages and monetary losses.

broken leg in need of personal injury attorneyTypically, an accident with injuries will trigger several chains of events. The victim will have to notify their insurance company immediately and ensure that the at fault party’s insurance is notified of the claim. Frequently, the other insurance company will call and want to take a statement, even though the victim has no obligation to speak with the other party’s insurance. Insurance adjusters have been known to call while the victim is roadside, still reeling from the accident, and ask, “How are you? Where are you injured?”. Then, knowing full well that injuries cannot be assessed on the spot, the adjuster will deny a claim because the victim “said she is fine”.

Other times, a minimal amount of compensation will immediately be offered to the victim in hopes that the victim will be desperate enough to settle for far less than the claim’s just value. Adjusters are well versed in minimizing claims and protecting the profits of the insurance company for which they work, which is why Rebecca and her experience in personal injury are your best allies. She and her staff deal with insurance companies every day and will become the point of contact for you, ensuring that you are able to focus on recovering from your injuries.

The value of your damaged vehicle will be minimized by the insurance company and quite often it will take longer than necessary to assign liability, resulting in delayed reimbursement to the victim. Even if there are witnesses and the at fault party is cited in the accident, it may take up to thirty days for the adjuster to complete the “investigation”. Meanwhile, you, the victim, are incurring rental car bills, repair bills, storage fees, deductibles and facing the hardship of not having a vehicle. Rebecca Hamilton will keep the process moving and ensure that the impact from your loss is minimized as much as possible.

Medical care following an accident is critical. Often, injuries do not appear for days or weeks after the accident. It is imperative that a medical evaluation be performed soon after the accident has occurred, especially if injuries of the head, neck, or back are suspected. Once a medical professional has established a course of treatment for your injuries, the plan must be followed. This is to ensure that you recover as best as you possibly can. During the treatment and therapy, large quantities of medical records, bills, and insurance claims are created. These documents give Rebecca the ability to analyze and evaluate your personal injury claim. Ultimately the medical records are organized, along with other pertinent records, into a comprehensive demand that will clearly show the merits of your claim.

More often than not, the strength of the demand alone will settle the claim. In the event that the insurance company is not willing to justly compensate a victim without a lawsuit being filed, Rebecca’s years of experience in the courtroom, not only in personal injury cases but also criminal and family law matters, give her the edge when a case goes to trial. Her passion, knowledge, insight, and organizational skills have garnered respect in the legal community and help ensure that her clients receive just compensation for their losses.

Rebecca and her staff will answer your questions and provide assistance throughout the entire process. Her files are digitized and available to the client at all times via the Internet. Hamilton Law also has access to medical professionals who can be consulted when a medical opinion is needed to resolve a personal injury claim. As such, Hamilton Law is well equipped to provide you with the integrity, experience, knowledge, and resolve needed to ensure that you are justly compensated for another’s negligent actions.

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